Online Classes: Hooping On the Edge

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2x Live + Recorded Zoom Classes of 75 min. 

Specialty Classes: Hooping On the Edge
Live classes on 10 & 24 February
Thursday 19:30 – 20:45
Central European Time (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin)

Recordings & recaps are available after each live class in your own FlowMies account.

This is the change to get the tricky transitions more smooth! Expect moves like Duck outs, Elbow transitions, nooping (nose hooping) and flowy combos to connect everything together while dancing free. Perfect for indoors / normal ceilings.

Wat wil je leren?

  • – Expand your flow with new spicy hoop tricks
  • – Dynamic combos
  • – Coordination
  • – Playful moves

Course Content

Zoom Link Hooping On the Edge

  • Zoom link both classes

Hooping On the Edge Class 1

Hooping On the Edge Class 2

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