Hoop along!

Hoopdance is a Flow Art, where you create your own way of moving. Flow Art is a general term for various movement disciplines where you manipulate a tool. Well known flow tools are Hulahoops, Pois, Staffs and Fans. The positive effect of hooping is being discovered by more and more people which causes the Hoopdance community to grow. You can find the various advantages of Hoopdance listed below.


Join one of FlowMies courses/workshops and experience the fun of hooping. Everybody can learn this special movement art!FlowMies gives colorful Flow Art performances. Click below to see videos, more info and the possibility to book a show!

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Interested in following a single lesson? Refer to the dates for the coming workshops or book a FlowMies workshop for an event, party, special occasion or a private lesson.

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Do you want to learn to hoop dance or improve your Hoop Flow by following multiple group lessons? Then look at the range of FlowMies courses on offer for beginners, intermediates and experts!

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Hoop Dance is an extraordinary performance art. Book FlowMies for a performance with one or multiple hoop dancers and magical LED hoops.