About FlowMies

Founder Michelle Verhoeks

In the summer of 2015, I discovered my passion for hoop dance. First seen, it looked like magic and blew my mind. Almost a year later, I grabbed my old children’s hoop at home and gradually started hooping from waist to chest. From that moment, my hoop journey had begun. Times of secretly dancing at my safe space home in a small room changed to flowing free in the park every day. For me, hoop dance is a way to step out of my comfort zone and form a unity with my body. Dancing with the hoop gives me joy and can bring me into a state of ecstasy. This form of expression brought me so many positive things in life which I do not want to keep for myself. 2017 I founded FlowMies and started giving hoop dance classes, jams and performances. 2018 I became a certificated Hoop Love Coach by Deanne Love and went to TADAH Artist Habitat in Turkey for the Advanced Teacher Training of Emma Kenna aka Hooping Mad. This expanded my hoop path by giving workshops at events like SWhoop(Bristol UK), Heart&HoopDance Retreat (Bladel, NL), Alpine Hoop Retreat (Austria) and Hoop & Welness Ibiza. It makes me happy to teach this beautiful art form to new and experienced hoop dancers and to connect with people in the flow arts community. In my own practice, I explore my boundaries by dancing with new flow tools, body paint and combine this in colorful UV, LED and fire shows. Via FlowMies I share the hoop love by teaching classes, perform and jam in Eindhoven and beyond.