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Founder Michelle Verhoeks

I’m Michelle Verhoeks / FlowMies, flow artist and hoop coach. In 2015, I discovered my passion for hooping. First seen, it looked like magic and blew my mind. Almost a year later I grabbed my old children’s hoop at home and gradually started hooping from waist to chest. From that moment, my hoop journey had begun. Times of secretly dancing at my safe space home in a small room changed to flowing free outside every day and performing in front of large publics. For me, hooping is a movement meditation and to form a unity with my body. Dancing with the hoop gives me joy and can bring me into a state of ecstasy.

This form of expression brought me so many positive things in life which I do not want to keep for myself. 2017 I founded FlowMies and started giving hoop classes and performances. It gives me energy guiding people to discover their flow and body language with this unique circular tool. Over the years, my teachings expanded to workshop tours in the Netherlands & Germany and international hoop events like SWhoop(Bristol, UK) and Heart&HoopDance Retreat (Bladel, NL).

In my own practice, I explore my boundaries by dancing with fire, new flow tools and body paint. This results in colourful UV body paint, LED and fire performances which I share with pleasure on diverse stages. These were shown at stages like Elements (Copenhagen), Psy-fi Festival, My Baby (Tivoli Vredenburg) and Van Abbemueum Eindhoven.

It makes me happy to spread the hoop love and to keep sharing these unique movement arts. Look around at the website for FlowMies dynamic videos, shows and the schedule with workshops, weekly hoop classes in Eindhoven & online.

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I’m enjoying hoop classes with Michelle for 2 years now (both online and at the park/studio in Eindhoven) and l loved every single class! Always good vibes, nice music and Michelle is a very good teacher. Even the difficult moves I mastered with her instructions and personal feedback. Love it!
– Anouk Bax
Michelle teaches you everything you need to know, is very tuned into the group needs and knows how to create a safe interactive environment. Super! Furthermore she is very leading in creating an awesome heartfelt flow arts community where diversity rules.
– Anne Mieke
I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle (aka Flowmies) on multiple occasions and I am always blown away by her infectious energy and unique hooping style. Michelle was an attendee at my Advanced Teacher Training in 2018 and was a pleasure to spend the time with. I have been hooping for 12 years and she still had a wealth of tricks to teach me. Amazing! Michelle also coordinated a unique flow experience for us all one evening that really shaped the way I feel about my hoop and my body – thank you Michelle. Michelle taught a workshop and performed at my SWhoop convention in 2019 and I was thrilled to have her on the teaching team. She shared some amazing tricks and a stunning performance. Michelle’s style and energy would compliment any hoop event and I highly recommend her workshops and classes. Michelle is a real star of the hoop community 🙂
– Emma Kenna | Hooping Mad
💜💙💛Hoop queen Michelle van Flowmies geeft super leuke en leerzame hoepellessen! Ik volg nu al bijna 2 jaar wekelijkse lessen bij Michelle. Elke keer is het super fijn om samen met een kleine groep trucjes en choreo’s te leren en beter te worden in je flow. Ze geeft je veel aandacht en persoonlijke tips en het is een hele leuke manier om bezig te zijn met dans en beweging!
– Renée Quekel
Michelle is a wonderful multi level teacher. I experienced online classes as well as her hula hoop workshops, I loved them both. Thank you for inspiring me, always and for helping get in my flow. You are magical ✨♥️
– Morgan Jaquet
With Michelle there’s no time to get bored or unsatisfied. Lessons are exciting and challenging, always with good vibes and nice music. I like the tips she provides and the custom feedback. I can’t miss a lesson since I started to join! 🌻✨🌈
– Miriam Lunardi
Lessen buiten, binnen of online, flowjams, workshop en ga zo maar even door. Michelle is een creatieve bom en een ontzettend goede en lieve docente. 2 jaar geleden ben ik begonnen met het volgen van haar lessen en hier geniet ik nog elke dag van.
Ik ervaar Michelle haar lessen als variërend, leuk, creatief, uitdagend en onwijs gezellig! Ze heeft oog voor een ieder, geeft persoonlijke feedback en zorgt ervoor dat het als meer dan een les voelt door de sfeer die er heerst 🌈✨
Helemaal top dus!
– Robin Voorbij
“De lessen van Michelle zijn erg leuk en leerzaam. Ze neemt de tijd om stap voor stap nieuwe moves uit te leggen. Michelle ziet precies welke details helpend zijn om het nog vloeiender te maken. Een echte aanrader voor zowel beginners als gevorderden en daarnaast is het ook super gezellig!
– Simone van Hugten