Recorded class series Flowy Basics April 21 (eng)

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Flowy Basics APRIL 2021
Level: Beginners / Intermediates

Want to learn to flow, enjoy some good dance vibes and use the hoop as a meditative dance partner? Join FlowMies tribe online and find your flow!

In FlowMies recorded video classes you hoop along from the comfort of your home. Groove along at the eclectic playlists to dance yourself free with the hulahoop. There is a personal touch in these recorded classes including feedback, trouble shooting and the possibility to type your questions in the Q&A.
We’ll practice many graceful moves, dynamic combos, dance sequences and exploration sessions. Join to find your flow and discover the infinite possibilities of the Hoop!

Moves included: On body basics + play / dancing free, On Body breaks, various flowy transitions On <> Off body, Bodywraps, Isolations, Chest hooping, Barrel rolls, floor pick ups, swan arms + more surprising Off body tricks, flowy combos & sequences.

The classes cover various hoop dance skills. You’ll practice:
– Graceful moves
– Dynamic combos
– Free hoop flow/expression
– Coordination
– Body consciousness
– A personal way of moving
– Getting out of your comfort zone
– Learn to play again

Beginner hoops are recommended, a lighter extra hoop is not necessary but a plus!

These recorded classes & recaps are available to watch for an unlimited time at FlowMies Online Learning Platform.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the basics of hoop dance
  • Free Body movement
  • ON & Off Body moves + flowy transitions
  • Connecting various hoop moves in a mini sequence
  • Discover your hoop flow

Course Content

Flowy Basics Class 1

  • Recording Flowy Basics Class 1
  • Recap Flowy Basics Class 1

Flowy Basics Class 2

Flowy Basics Class 3

Flowy Basics Class 4