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Would you like to give your event, party, video or special occasion a magical touch with spectacular entertainment? Then the LED light hoop shows are something you are looking for!

Hoop Dance is a visual performance art, a combination between circus, dance and acrobatics that will be an eye-catcher for every event.

LED lighting in the hoop surrounds the dancers with magical colours and patterns. The LED hoops are fully programmable and can exactly match the theme of your event with specific colors, patterns and logos.

flowmies licht performances


One or multiple hoop dancers can be booked, whereby we can always create a hypnotic spectacle. Tell us who, what, where, when and why and we will let you know about the possibilities for the LED light hoop shows.

Get in touch with FlowMies for bookings!

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Interested in a performance?

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Hypnotizing wow-effect

The  LED / UV hoop performances are widely applicable for your event, show, or film to add that wow-factor. We surprise the audience with hypnotizing Hoop Flows through combining dynamic tricks and light visuals.

The LED light hoop shows are ideal to add to theater shows, variété, festivals, weddings, commercials or business events.

LED there be light

The LED light hoop shows are available for freestyle (walkabout) & choreography acts, solo and with multiple artists.

Performance by FlowMies | Michelle Verhoeks
Video by ER-pro | Elwin Rijken 


A psychedelic spectacle where hoop artists fully flow in artistic neon bodypaint / UV outfit.
The neon hoop performances can be expanded with multiple flow objects like the martial art tool rope dart and graceful silk fans.

Hoopdance performance by FlowMies / Michelle Verhoeks
Video by ER-pro / Elwin Rijken
Bodypaint by Miesueel & Elena Heléna Nena

Visual Hoop Performances

A programmed Visual LED show is extra magical with the choreography and unique design patterns in the hoops timed with the music and surroundings.

The LED light hoop shows completely customizablewith logos, story, corporate identity and themes like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine.

Get in touch for the possibilities and specific wishes for the hoop and flow art performances. Check the video below for the full Visual hoop act.


LED hoop performance with pattern and colors matched with the light installation and music.

Length performance: 8 minutes

Video by @ER-pro
Light installation by Motion Experience Eindhoven

LED Performance @PHONO

Michelle Verhoeks / FlowMies @Phono Eindhoven



Inflorescence is a performance where dance, flow arts, body art and a programmed light show are merged into a journey of self discovery.

Duur performance: 7 minutes


Flow Artist Michelle Verhoeks / FlowMies / www.flowmies.nl
Edit by Elwin Rijken / ER-pro / www.er-pro.nl

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