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Flow Art Jams

Flow Art Jams


A colorful night where all flow arts are welcome to dance along. Be inspired by all movement arts, learn from each other and bring your favourite flow tools. All levels and movement arts are welcome.
We start with a flowy warming up at 19:30 and end close the jam with a cooling down around 21:30.

Location EigenWijs Boerderij, Eindhoven

Oude Vensedijk 5, 5652 RT Eindhoven
Free parking

Flow Props

With a blacklight in the space to light up your neon tools! Bring your own (LED / NEON) flow props. There are different sizes of (neon) hoops to borrow.


Your spot is saved after registration. There is limited space. Book your spot in time!

Questions are welcome at hoopdance@flowmies.nl

Hoop Dance Classes

Check here the schedule for the hoop classes in Eindhoven or join one of the online hoop dance courses of FlowMies! Dive along in the flow and learn how to dance with the hulahoop.