FlowMies Hoop dance Lessen indoor

FlowMies Hoop dance indoor try-out + flow jam !  |  Tuesday 10 October @Eigen Wijs Boerderij

Try-out 19:00
Flow Jam 20:15 – 22:00

A super colorful and fun introduction into hoop dance! Learn the basic movements and learn all ins and outs about hooping. You’ll learn waist hooping + dance variations, off body moves and a transition.

After the class you can stay for the flow jam for free dancing. Be inspired by other hoopers and flow arts!

You can register at this page. Be in time to save your spot (and hoop)!

Tuesday indoor autumn classes   |   start 17 October   |   10 classes

DATES classes: 17, 24 October, 7, 14, 21, 28 November, 5, 12, 19 December, 9 January

Perfect to start or expand your hoop journey! You’ll learn all the basic techniques of hooping On & Off Body. With different playful transitions you’ll get fast into the flow. You’ll discover hooping is healthy for you mind, body and that it’s a very healthy addiction 😉

For the experienced hoopers or that joined FlowMies classes a couple of times before. The classes include graceful moves, dynamic combos, dance sequences and exploration sessions. Dance along to expand your hoop journey with us and spice up your flow!

Already joined one of FlowMies classes before? Every class series / workshops are different. There are infinite possibilities with the hoop!

Location EigenWijs Boerderij, Eindhoven

Oude Vensedijk 5, 5652 RT Eindhoven
Free parking


Bring your own favourite hoops if you like a specific size. During the classes you can try out different sizes of dance hoops of FlowMies


Want to join FlowMies hoop dance classes in Eindhoven?

Your spot is saved after registration. There are limited spots to give everyone personal feedback. Book your spot in time!

Questions are welcome at hoopdance@flowmies.nl



FlowMies gives hoop classes in Eindhoven. In a course you’ll learn a wide range of tricks, combos and sequences. This way you get the chance to learn to dance free with the hulahoop.

Hoop dance is a flow art. This way you’ll create an unique way of moving. This discipline is combined with different styles like dance, circus, acrobatics, yoga and martial arts.

The benefits of hooping are discovered by more and more people.

  • hooping is a fun way of moving!
  • it’s a stress and emotional relief
  • hooping makes you flexible
  • every new learned trick gives you a dopamine boost
  • develop your coordination
  •  hoop dance is a super beautiful and expressive movement art
  • it’s a full body work-out
  • a way to connect to your body
  • there exists a flow in movement

Dancing with the hoop is very “gezellig” in a group of hoopers. That’s why FlowMies classes are a lot of fun. You learn something new every time!
Hooping is also very pleasurable in your own bubble. Or hoop at your favourite festival!

Discover your flow at FlowMies hoop classes in no time!

Check here FlowMies YouTube channel for a lot of hoop inspiration! 

Check here the schedule for upcoming workshops and flow jams!

Additional information

Hoop classes EigenWijs

Choose here, 10 October Try-out workshop + flow jam, 10 October flow jam only, 10 classes Beginners / Intermediates 19:00 – 20:00, 10 classes Intermediates / Advanced 20:15 – 21:30