Online Classes: Optical Illusions ENG



2x Recorded Zoom Classes of 75 min. 

Specialty Classes: Optical Illusions

Expect moves like various graceful Iso’s, ghostings, smear dance variations, folds and flowy combos to connect everything together while dancing free. Perfect for indoors / normal ceilings. At the end you’ve learned a tiny smooth dance sequence!

Want to expand your flow with new colourful dynamic moves, enjoy some good dance vibes and use the hoop as a meditative dance partner? Join FlowMies online hoop dance classes and grow your flow! Groove along at the eclectic playlists from the comfort of your home and dance yourself free with the hoop.

We are going to do various spicy hoop tricks and learn to combine them in your own hoop flow✨
While learning new moves we also focus to be aware of timing, body movement and to express yourself. Let yourself be surprised by the more tricky vs. graceful moves and get inspired by the unlimited flow possibilities with the Hoop!

Be ready to grow your flow and discover the infinite possibilities of the Hoop!
The recorded classes are available to watch on FlowMies Online Learning Platform for an unlimited time.

2 SPECIALTY CLASSES: Optical Illusions = 29 euro

Looking forward to see you in the hoop and dance together! ♡
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