Rope dart course: discover your inner warrior!

5  classes  |  start Wednesday 17 May  |  beginners

Time: 18:30 – 19:30
Dates: 17, 24, 31 May, 7, 14 June

Costs: 75 euro

Including rope darts to borrow during the classes!

Learn all ins & outs of rope dart!

Register in time, there are limited rope darts and spots available!


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Rope dart is an ancient Chinese martial arts. The rope dart is a long rope with the dart at the end. The dart can be a plastic ball, metal sphere (used in traditional martial arts) or kevlar (for fire flows).

Nowadays this tool is getting popular in the flow art scene. The rope dart is often used in a mix of flow, martial arts and dance.

In this rope dart course for beginners you’ll learn to control this powerful flow tool. Discover your inner warrior!

Focus of the course

  • which rope dart fits you: length rope, right grip, weight, materials
  • technique: horizontal and vertical planes, various spins, controlling the lenght of the rope, aiming and shooting.
  • tricks: elbow, foot, knee shots, (neck) wraps and more..
  • expression: use the rope dart as as extension of yourself
  • short combos: this way you can learn to mix the moves in your own flow!

The benefits of spinning rope dart

  • coordination improvement
  • learn to take up space
  • self confidence
  • get to know your inner warrior
  • stress release. This is a perfect tool for movement meditation.
  • Get in contact with your body. The rope dart can be wrapped around various parts of the body.

From martial arts to dance, a slow flow style to powerful warrior moves. There’s something to discover for everyone. This course has a mix of various styles.

Side note: We do not use the rope dart as a fight tool in this course. We use it for expressing ourselves. But of course you can use the dart to discover your inner warrior! 🙂

During the classes you can borrow and test various rope darts. This is very useful before purchasing your own rope dart!

Practising rope dart can result in liberating and powerful flow sessions, unique performances and to learn to dance with fire.

Video fire rope dart.