Saturday 22 August 14:00 Philips de Jonghpark Eindhoven

This summer FlowMies celebrates her 3 year anniversary! Let’s celebrate this with a free hoop dance workshop and flow jam in the park ☀

This is the chance to experience if hoop dance is something for you and to expand your flow with new moves! The workshop is multi-level, so beginners, intermediates and hoop veterans can all join! We’re going to do fun moves with variations for all levels and combine them in a dance.

13:45 Gather
14:00 – 15:15 Workshop
15:15 Flow Jam

FREE CONTRIBUTION: FlowMies gives a party and you can join the workshop for free. Donations are very welcome and you are free to give what you want in the hoop money box at the park.
LOCATION: Philips de Jonghpark. At the main entrance straight ahead, to the right of the pavilion behind the small hill you can find us with colourful hoops.
PARKING: At the head entrance at Bezuidenhoutseweg.
POTLUCK PICKNICK: Bring your own drinks and food and feel free to share your cooking/supermarkt skills.

Put on your flow outfit, bring your favourite hoops and something to drink. There are hoops available to borrow during the workshop. Save your spot for the workshop by changing your status in the event to ‘going’ or send an email to hoopdance@flowmies.nl


We can’t wait to hoop and flow together at the park, see you!


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